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In our blog section you will find more information and inspiration on different floor fitting topics. Learning more about the nature and the character of the real wood and manufactured flooring materials will give you the chance of making an informed choice when you are planning an installation project for your home or working space. Knowing the wood species and their best and worst features will orientate you when purchasing flooring products, being hardwood, engineered wood, parquet or laminate. In addition, here you can find a buying guide and tips and tricks on how to choose your flooring. Learn more about how to maintain your flooring and choose the best cleaning routine, which will match your busy schedule and save you time and energy.

Feel free to ask us all the questions you are interested in and give us ideas on future articles. Keep track on our blog, we will try to update regularly whenever we find interesting topics and idea we want to discuss with you. Thank you for being our inspiration!

Latest Articles

We know that it is already hard and time-consuming enough to start a wood floor refinishing process and survive through it and adding to this the drying time you have to make sure to allow to the finish.

Having a wooden floor is a responsibility in many aspects as well as a big investment. A key moment for showcasing the natural and unbeatable beauty of wood is complementing it with a suitable interior design that is equally effortless and intriguing.

You have most probably never heard of end-grain wood flooring and we do not blame you. Looking like a composition of wooden tiles, end-grain flooring is an ideal alternative to the good old options.

There are a lot options for wood flooring accessories that are made to ensure a beautiful and uniform look of the whole room, protect the wooden surface, bring more comfort and promise a smooth transition from one type of flooring to another.

Older floors are very good at allowing the heat to leave the room and draughts of cold air to enter it. This is because of the fact that they have gaps that appear with time and allow the warm air to run out of the room.

Grey has been an extremely popular colour in interior design for the last couple of years because people slowly are starting to discover that with wood flooring they truly have thousands of options to be unique and creative.

Engineered wood parquetry takes the best of both worlds – it is functional, solid and long-lasting exactly like engineered wood planks, however has a more unique and complex design such as the patterns parquetry is installed in.

Knowing the difference between softwood and hardwood will help you not only for better orientation when in the wood flooring or wooden furniture showroom, but also make a better choice of what to purchase, depending on your specific needs.

It is easy to see why walnut wood flooring is so popular. Many people opt for walnut because of its stylish, luxurious and almost dramatic dark chocolate shades with purple undertones, which add a lot of class and elegance to every space.

If you are not familiar with what the expansion gap stands for, here is the topic explained by the most experienced and knowledgeable experts in the branch. Expansion gaps are an essential part of the wood floor installation process.

Sculpted wood flooring is the distressed, handmade and unique look on a new and sturdy wooden floor. It brings the old-charm, romantic and tranquil twist to the room and can be matched to the vintage interior and also cutting edge furniture and decoration.

Oak wood is common to be found in many homes and commercial areas, because of its durability, strength and longevity. However, many people don’t know there are two different oak types on the market – red and white. There are no main differences between them both, besides the colours.

Thinking about the environment has to be our main aim when resourcing and manufacturing wooden products for flooring. Being conscious and eco-friendly is the only guarantee for saving our planet and making customers happy. When purchasing wooden floors, make sure to find conscious suppliers.

Oakwood species have experienced their fame moment in the last decades because they come with so many benefits and add value to every property. From another point, oak wood is already a golden classic, preferred all over the world for its airy colours, durability hardwearing power and flexibility in terms of refinishing.

Hardwood is a great option for the most important room of the house. Bedrooms shouldn't be neglected and need the best, which only hardwood can provide by its classic and elegant appeal, longevity and durability and various style alternatives.

Colour changing is the natural reaction of the wood material to acclimatise to its new environment, to adapt to daily use and to show signs of ageing. However, colour changes are not a sign of flooring issues and there is nothing to worry about. If you are not pleased with the new shade of your floor, you can always ask for floor staining service.

Wood is a great flooring option and besides the other benefits such as elegance, longevity and low-maintenance, wood is an environmental option. Choosing eco-friendly has not only benefits for the environment, but also affects positively your own life. Here is our eco-friendly buying guide.

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