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Old-charm wooden flooring

Antique-looking wood floors | Floor Fitting Experts

We are often impressed by antique furniture pieces and decorations from decades and even centuries ago. Some people prefer the modern and contemporary look, while others are still in love with the charm of one old and really beautiful world. This nostalgic feeling often makes us decorate and plan our homes and even working spaces in the tradition of the old romantic world. If you also would like to bring the elegant, classic and romantic look to your home, sculpted wood flooring is mandatory.

Imagine you have a brand new floor, but it is way too ordinary and boring for your taste. If you want to go that extra mile, if you want to add some “umpth”, there is a solution for you – sculpted wood floor. It brings the old-charm and antique twist in the area, but on a new and completely solid and durable floor. It is often treated and done by hand, so it looks like a real-time survivor, but without the part with the issues and major imperfections, which will otherwise ruin the stability and longevity. As it comes with everything made by hand, you can get a completely unique and one-of-a-kind look for your project, especially with the variety of flooring types, installations, wood species, colours, textures and treatment available on the market. Another option is to get your wooden floor sculpted by a special machine.

In fact, the simplicity and romantic elegance of this type of treated flooring materials make it really easy to work with almost every style. Here are our top three offers:

The “aged” look

Sculpted will look very organic and natural in a vintage interior. No matter if it comes to antique treasures or mid-century retro furniture in futuristic design and clean lines, the aged wooden flooring will look like the perfect backdrop and can be also a focal point of the room. Depending on the shade, the wood species and the grain, the floor can bring a lot of luxury and drama, when in rich and deep colours, or tranquillity and simplicity, if in pale shades and light and airy textures.

If you have a solid wood floor, the sculpted and distressed extras will look very organic to it. However, you can also get an engineered wood floor sculpted. This means you have the freedom of even installing an underfloor heating system, or fit the floor in busier and humidity areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic is very popular in the last few years and we can easily see why. If planned well, shabby chic interior design is really classy and romantic. Sculpted wooden flooring matches perfectly this style. The usual colour scheme of shabby chic consists of powdery, mudded and neutral tones and shades, which will work perfectly with the pale shaded wood species for a very calm and tranquil setting, or if you want something extra – choose the dark and rich brown shades of walnut and cherry.

Cutting edge

Create a room of contrasts and mix and match new and old for an impressive and unique look. Combine vintage-looking floors with the simple and futuristic clean lines of modern furniture and even the industrial style and you will enjoy a really inspirational space. Play with textures while colour blocking or with the monochrome colour scheme and compliment them with smoky and classy sculpted engineered wood flooring.

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