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How to find the best decking board size

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Which is the best decking board size | Floor Fitting Experts

If you are planning a decking installation process, then something important to be aware of and something that definitely worth considering is the size of the decking boards. Why this is so important you may ask!

In fact, when it comes to decking board size, there are really no particular rules you have to follow, however, in certain situations, some sizes work better than others and we would like to give you a few ideas that worth considering.

The length of the deck itself

If you are planning a long deck, then maybe you are tempted to choose longboards too, but that is not your one and only option for achieving an extra beautiful decking really. Thinking outside the box may result in a very unique and extra beautiful result, you will enjoy a lot. If you want to achieve stunning results with your long and narrow deck, then choosing shortboards and having them installed running across the width of the deck is a perfect example for achieving quite a different, but the very impressive appearance and the illusion of increasing the width of the deck.

Another alternative is creating a fascinating pattern that the length of your deck seems to be reduced and the shape visually changes by using boards in different colours or by running the boards in a different direction at each end of your deck. This way you will bring in the length and emphasize the width of your deck as well as create a very impressive and interesting design. If you want to bring in the length of the deck and emphasize the width you can also use wide boards.

The width of the deck

The same way you can create an illusion for a less long and wider deck with long and narrow decks, you can use and play with different sizes of decking boards for creating a certain illusion and the appearance for decks that are wider than longer. In addition, you can also choose to run the boards along the width of the deck and that way additionally increasing it.

The shape of the deck

Using different widths and lengths of decking boards or mixing and matching them gives you the perfect opportunity to visually change the shape of the deck. Octagonal and hexagonal decks can easily change their shape visually with a mixture of different boards installed. This method will also help you reduce the cost of the project.

Traditional or modern look

By changing the width and length of the decking boards you can also completely change the feel, style and atmosphere your deck achieves! Fascinating, right? A highly modern look is easy to be achieved with extra-narrow boards, while wide boards are perfect for bringing that cosy, traditional and even country-inspired look.

As you can guess, a decking installation project is pretty much a project that requires some time to think, research and find out what suits your style and what meets your needs the best. Do not hesitate to take that time, we guarantee the result is definitely going to worth it!

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