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All costs related to wood flooring – Part 1

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How much will cost you a wood flooring? – Part 1 | Floor Fitting Experts

It is a common misunderstanding that put people off that wood flooring is a very, very expensive flooring option. While there are some wooden floors that are true pieces of art and that are made out of rare and exotic wood species that will definitely break the bank, at the same time most of the domestic wood species available as well as the common patterns and wood flooring arrangements are actually very affordable and won’t come on excessive that will make you starve for the next 10 years.

Indeed, when it comes to wood flooring, you practically have all the options under the sun as well as the whole spectrum of prices and price ranges from real luxury treat to decent pricing available. There is something you can find and that will fit your pocket exactly the way you would like, not causing disasters in your budget plan and this will not affect the quality of what you get at all. In general, wood flooring is high quality and long-lasting product and it can be found at a very affordable price, without travelling the seven galaxies, but just at your local flooring store. We call it a smart investment and value for your hard-earned money.

However, when it comes to wood floors, the price of the materials itself is not the one and only thing to consider. If you are really not that crafty man and true DIY fan, then installation, sanding, refinishing and maintenance are some important processes to keep in mind and save some more pennies for. Let’s have a deeper look at what would cost you to have that perfect wooden floor!

When compared with carpet or vinyl, wood might come on a slightly high upfront price that might scare you at first, but considering the fact that, unlike carpet and vinyl, hardwood will last you a lifetime, these are pretty much money well spent. The main method by a wood’s price is determined is according to its grade. There are four main grades, where prime is the most expensive one and rustic is the cheapest. Have in mind that the grade usually affects the appearance of wood, but not its quality. The rarity and exotic origin of the wood species are other things that affect the price.

The difference in the installation costs is determined by the fact who is installing the floor, where it is installed, the type of subfloor, the type of installation itself, etc. Having some professional wood floor installation is what we recommend if you do not have any previous experience with installation at all (and even if you have some experience). In order to prevent possible issues in the future that will cost some extra money, proper installation is the way to go, when the subfloor is prepared according to the highest standards and the measurements for the wooden materials are done properly so you won’t end up with too much-unused material. The price of solid wood and engineered wood installation is almost always the same.

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