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Floor Fitting Advice

One of our main priorities as a flooring service is to ensure the informed choice of our clients, whether it is planning a floor remodeling or maintenance and care. Only when our customers meet prior the pros and cons of every flooring service and make a conscious choice, then we can guarantee the best outcome of the project. Floor fitting is a big investment and you can always count on our experts for advices, but we want to be sure you have realistic desires and expectations. That's why we’ve created this special blog section, where you can find an answer to all your floor installation questions.

Latest Articles

You have most probably never heard of end-grain wood flooring and we do not blame you. Looking like a composition of wooden tiles, end-grain flooring is an ideal alternative to the good old options.

There are a lot options for wood flooring accessories that are made to ensure a beautiful and uniform look of the whole room, protect the wooden surface, bring more comfort and promise a smooth transition from one type of flooring to another.

Older floors are very good at allowing the heat to leave the room and draughts of cold air to enter it. This is because of the fact that they have gaps that appear with time and allow the warm air to run out of the room.

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