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Choosing a wood floor for house vs flat

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What wood floor to choose for a house and a flat | Floor Fitting Experts

It is worth mentioning that paying attention to details is important when purchasing a wooden floor. In fact, there is not a single wood flooring option that we would say is not good, but there are wood flooring options that we recommend for any individual project because they are the best depending on the personal preferences, lifestyle and needs of the clients. Being aware of the difference between the needs of a house and a flat in terms of wood flooring is another one of those details we recommend paying attention to. Depending on the type of property, the installation, usage and concerns are different between wooden floors for a flat or for a private house.

Staring with flats, one of the main concerns in this situation is the acoustic level created by the floor of choice. In some cases, the leaseholders are not allowed to install anything else on the floor except underlay and carpet. In fact, wood being a natural product could create a high volume of noise and, of course, the other tenants in the building won’t enjoy that noise for sure. So, if you are the owner of a flat and you are lusting after a wooden floor, before purchasing one of your dreams, you have to pay special attention to the noise reduction that is achieved well with levelling the subfloor, depends also on the thickness of the boards, the underlay and its sound-proof abilities and also the installation method itself. In this case, details like thicker underlay for insulating the noises and also floating or glued down installation methods are welcomed.

If you own or you rent a house, then you are lucky because houses are easier to adjust to your needs and personal preferences. Since houses are intended for personal use, you automatically have a richer and bigger choice, when it comes to purchasing a wooden floor. Among the main wood floor features, you have to look for are durability, stability and hard-wearing and long-lasting power, since in this situation noise reduction is not among the priorities. Of course, the bigger the house, the bigger the family and the busier the traffic.

A higher level of everyday use and heavier footfall means that you have to pay special attention to the hard-wearing power of your wood floor of choice if you want to prevent wear and tear and to preserve the flawless look and solid condition for as long as possible. Because of the high level of durability requirements, most of the homeowners prefer solid wood over engineered wood floor. Since the main concern, in this case, is stability and product that offers less expansion is needed, floors made out of thicker boards that are glued down to the subfloor are usually the best solution.

Since keeping the whole house warm and toasty during the winter months without breaking the bank is another important concern, engineered wood floors are always a good option because they can be installed floating over underfloor heating systems or insulation that prevents the warm indoor air to escape the room and reduces the heating bills significantly.

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