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Carpet or hardwood – what to choose?

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Choose between hardwood and carpet | Floor Fitting Experts

The type of flooring you are going to choose and purchase for your home will chase your living space for sure. On one hand, every flooring type has its own and unique appearance and you can achieve many different styles and a specific atmosphere by playing with textures, patterns and colours. On the other hand, each and every type of flooring comes with different habits you have to adopt in order to ensure a comfortable life and long-lasting power. Some flooring types are more pretentious than others. Some of them require more thorough and frequent cleaning and maintenance than others. And each and every flooring type comes with its pros and cons. Today we are going to discuss two of the most popular flooring options – hardwood and carpets and we are going to share with you the advantages of each of them.


  • In general, hardwood are considered as the more high-end and luxury option, although with today’s variety of choices on the market, there is particularly anything for any budget, so you can buy a real hardwood floor without breaking the bank, for sure! On the other hand, wood really looks very elegant and classic and adds a luxurious twist to any space. In addition, you can match the wood to any interior design and style under the Sun!
  • Hardwood comes with health benefits. Unlike carpets, wooden floor won’t attract so much dust and dirt and won’t increase the indoor air pollution because of bacteria and allergens build-ups.
  • Sturdiness is the biggest selling point of this option. If they are well-maintained wooden floors can last up to a hundred years and more!
  • Distressed floor? Don’t panic, because with wood you can easily get rid of all the issues and imperfections. It takes only sanding and refinishing service every now and then for a sleek and uniform look.
  • If you go for wood, you definitely make a more eco-friendly and conscious choice. Simply make sure that you are buying your wooden boards from manufacturers that harvest in an all ecologically sound way.


  • They work as a big and fluffy cushion under the feet and because of that they feel very cosy and keep you warmer in colder weather.
  • They are great for houses with little kids. They are a soft and fluffy and safer option. After all, falling on a carpet is way more pleasant than falling on wooden boards.
  • Carpets are better insulation and they do not allow the cold air to penetrate the room and the warm air to leave it through the floor. Carpets help you reduce the heating bills significantly.
  • Carpets are the quieter option, also. One of the more serious issues with hardwood is the squeaky noise that drives you crazy. You won’t experience such a problem with carpets.
  • Overall, carpets are the cheaper version, like always. However, carpets are definitely not that long-lasting like hard floors and because of that, you have to replace them more frequently, which in the long-term makes their lower price equal to the higher price of hardwood.

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