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How to showcase your wood flooring

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Make your wooden flooring go better with your style | Floor Fitting Experts

Wooden floors are a serious and pretty big investment, yes indeed. When we are purchasing a new wooden floor, we want value for the money, we want the best quality as a budget-friendly option. We want our new wooden floor to survive a world war and to still look and feel amazing after that. We want stability and solidness, we want long-lasting power and hard-wearing nature, we want to maintain our new floor with ease and we want all the comfort.

Ok, let’s say that we get what we want, we get it all. But what about the design? In many online flooring articles, you can read recommendations about how the condition and quality of the wooden floor are a priority and how style and design are really not the important selling point and maybe professionals are right by saying that, but for us as maximalists and we guess the same applies for you, both quality and design are equally important.

Wood flooring is a pretty serious investment and when it comes to design, we have to look for something really effortless and classic. Are you sure that 5 years from now you are still going to enjoy and be happy with that crazy-coloured-and-brushed hardwood flooring? What about if we say that if you maintain your floor properly, it can last you up to 100 years? With that being said, be smart and invest your money into an effortless design and classic beauty you are going to enjoy for at least half a century!

Of course, you have to be aware of the fact that even the most beautiful wood can look miserable and sad, if not matched properly to the whole interior design conception of your space. That is right, wooden floors can be a focal point of the room or the perfect backdrop and in both cases, they have to be suitable for the whole picture. However, interior styles are changing, but you cannot change your floor every time you change your sofa and the colour of the walls, right? So, once again, choose effortless and classic beauty that matches everything over current trends!

Here are some main classic interior design conceptions we want to talk about today and how you can match them perfectly to your wooden floor so its advantages and natural beauty will be showcased entirely:

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style is all about simplicity, clean lines and minimalist look. Natural materials are the best option to complement this style. Light tones are highly favoured along with geometric motifs and uniformly-textured materials.

Country style

Country style is all about comfort and timeless beauty. The key moments for such an interior are restored furniture, antique crockery, woven throws, floral motifs, noble materials like wood in rich brown shades and unique rustic grains.

Bohemian style

Bohemian style is really intriguing, but still very relaxed. Subdued lighting, colourful rugs and runners, many plants, avant-garde art, romantic ambience and splashes of colours play a major role here.

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