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Is wood flooring really eco-friendly?

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Is wood flooring really environmentally friendly? | Floor Fitting Experts

The debates about are wood flooring eco-friendly or not are active already for years. And although the topic is kind of still controversial, the number of people seeing the positive and conscientious side of wood floor fitting and the number of manufacturers and suppliers of hardwood materials, keeping in mind the future grows with every year, which, in general, is the main idea and goal of the debates. Being aware when producing or buying wooden products is solving a big part of the problem because buying consciously is guarantee radical and extreme predictions about the future of the forests to not come true. Creating awareness is the best way to make sure the end-user is buying environmentally-friendly, so here is a little bit more information on the topic.

In general, as a customer, our main goal should be not only requesting high quality but also making sure we purchase the wooden materials from manufacturers and suppliers, who use the forest resources consciously. In fact, the tendencies are optimistic, because lumber industries aim to plant more new trees than they use for resourcing and production of lumber materials. However, the problem of the time needed for a tree to grow mature remains and it is the biggest concern. Fortunately, in Europe there is a strict law to regulate the felling of trees and regulatory authorises strictly monitor the future of the forests, developing and improving many projects and strategies in order to ensure sustainability and security.

Hardwood companies also play their role in making sure the lumber materials are resourced and produced environmentally-friendly, so they also can monitor and support suppliers, who care about the environment. While thinking about the conscious feeling of trees and the energy, used for the processing, many companies work to improve the way they resource the materials, making that good for both the environment and for people.

Wood is a natural material and this means it doesn’t need toxic and harmful for the environment products and methodologies to be resourced and processed. In fact, wood has energy-saving benefits, consuming less energy and heat to be processed as a final product than synthetic alternatives. The connection between the wood and the environmentally-friendly concept can be found also in the fact that wood, as a natural product, comes with long-lasting power and life. With more than 100 years life of the material, wood lasts longer than any other type of flooring material and is a winner.

Speaking of eco-friendly, let’s consider wood also as family-friendly. Because wood is a natural product and doesn’t collect dust, also no harmful products are used for its making and no toxic products for maintaining, lumber won’t stimulate allergy symptoms, so it is perfect for family homes and also commercial floors, visited by many people daily. So, besides the undisputable prettiness and durability of the wooden floors, these options can also be considered eco-friendly. Simply make sure you buy products from suppliers and manufacturers, who resource the products consciously.

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