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Main types of wood flooring adhesive

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Well, let’s be honest, unless you are not highly interested, almost obsessed with the wood flooring topic and you have the desire to know about every little detail related to this topic, or unless you are not a professional in the field, then the information about the main types of wood flooring adhesives is going to be mildly said completely unnecessary. But then again, if you have a wood flooring installation project in mind or in progress, it is good to know a bit more about what is happening behind the closed doors of the room, where the new floor is going to be or is currently being installed.

Of course, not with the goal to become the king or queen of wood flooring installation and not with the goal to shine bright with impressive knowledge in front of your friends and people you don’t know, but understanding the process of installation and all materials used better is most probably going to guarantee that you will be able to care properly for your newly installed wooden floor and maintain it in good condition for longer as well as you would know what is the required prevention and preservation needed.

In order to help you have a better maintenance routine, today we are sharing with you a few words about the main types of wood flooring adhesive used by the professionals and their specifics too. So let’s get started in a short minute, but before that let us explain why adhesives are actually used. As you may probably guess it by now, wood floor adhesives are used for bonding the substance and the floor itself through a chemical reaction. In the course of this reaction, the adhesive will change from liquid to solid-state. Depending on the carrying agent, or the catalyst that activates the reaction, there are the following adhesive types.


Water-based adhesives do not contain any solvents and because of that, are considered to be the most environmentally friendly and safe to install. However, if you are already wondering why there are any other types of adhesives then, let us tell you that the water-based ones are not necessarily recommended and suitable for all types of installation. In a nutshell, their stability depends on the type of floor and the subfloor.


This is the second major type of adhesives and this type of adhesives can be used with a broad range of installations. This type of adhesives also contain solvents, but these are not hazardous, so do not worry.


These are also called moisture-cure adhesives. We call these adhesives the hardcore ones because they are the greatest in installation security and most stable. Urethane-based adhesives are also the most versatile option because they offer the largest range of applications.

The type of flooring adhesive you or your installation contractor is considering, have to be chosen with attention and focus on what is going to guarantee stability and solidness of the floor the most. After weighing down all the pros and cons, we are sure that you will find what is guaranteeing satisfaction and great results the most. Simply make sure to go for the highest quality you can afford and do not buy the cheapest alternatives.

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