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Matching wall color to wood flooring

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What wall color to match to your wood flooring | Floor Fitting Experts

Many people are really excited when planning a house building, or designing and remodelling project. This is the best time to match everything to your own style and have everything done according to your own taste. This is the right time to show creativity, be inspired and discover your interior design talent. However, this is also the right time to get very overwhelmed and stressed! Because who says that remodelling and interior design project are that easy and fun?

No matter what type of project you are undertaking, when it is time for home improvement, there are two major aspects you have to focus on. The first one is deciding on the best colour scheme that matches your taste, but it is also classic enough to not go out of fashion within a year, it is comfortable enough to live with it every day and feel happy and it still has something special to it. Usually, the colour scheme of your home is determined by the wall colour. The other aspect that is important to pay attention to is the flooring. Being a wood flooring blog you don’t expect us to talk about anything else but wood flooring, right? However, even when it comes to wood flooring, there are thousands of options you can choose from! As we have already said – we don’t blame you for feeling overwhelmed!

Now, when you have a start-up idea of what colour scheme and wood flooring you prefer to have at home, the next decision you have to take is how you are going to match these and here is where the big drama comes from! Here are a few ideas for you that are already proven to work well:

Play safe!

The neutral approach is a safe approach. Of course, bold colours and contrasts are definitely not anyone’s cup of tea. Considering how often we all undertake home improvement projects, colours and trends that are fashionable just for one or two years are definitely not an option. Of course, there are also colour schemes that are highly inappropriate for domestic spots, because they bring a different emotional spark than the so preferred relaxation, tranquillity, comfort and cosiness. On the other hand, neutral and basic colours may be a bit boring (although it all depends on how you are going to play around them with decoration and other accents), but they are proven to be forgiving and “comfortable”. It is also really easy to match neural wall colours to neutral (or bolder and more creative) wood flooring! So, when you want something that works with everything – here, you have your answer – white, ivory, cream, tan, taupe!

Bold contrast

From the comfort zone of the neutrals to the danger zone of the bold contrasts! That is right, playing with different colours and even different tones families and groups can be really dangerous and turn out to be a total fail… or a real discovery in the interior design world! You need contrasting colours to make bold statements with both walls and floors and still get the attention for both, without one of them taking all the spotlight from the other one, but also without ending up with a really overwhelmed room. Find out what undertone your hardwood flooring is and then use a colour wheel to find the exact opposite for the walls!

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