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How hardwood can transform your bedroom

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Bedroom transformation with hardwood flooring | Floor Fitting Experts

We’ve already talked about the benefits of having a hardwood flooring in your house and now let’s go a little bit further and describe how hardwood can actually transform your bedroom and the whole idea behind the interior design.

Hardwood is a popular choice for the rooms, which are high traffic spots, such as the kitchen, living room and even stairs. However, the wooden material tends to be a little more neglected when it comes to the bedroom. While planning a house remodelling, most people think of the bedroom at last, when the budget is already pretty limited. Well, why neglect the most important room in the house in order to serve the needs of the other spaces. Hardwood is pretty much an investment people often have the desire but don’t have the money for, however, hardwood floors are a long-term investment and will pay off with time, providing solidness and longevity way beyond the carpet flooring for example, which suffers significantly more wear and tear and will cost you the price of replacement service every few years.

Since the bedroom is the most special area of the house, the core of the home, a little island of cosiness, calmness and relaxation in the middle of the hectic and dynamic everyday life, bedrooms need more attention and love and you can pamper your room by purchasing a hardwood flooring. Besides the longevity, durability and low-maintenance you will enjoy for decades, solid wood timbers are a great option when it comes to design and style. Solid wood comes in a great variety of wood species, textures, finishes and colours and everyone can find something to suit his own style.

The rustic vibe, exclusive look, contemporary feel or the elegance of the classics, the choice is yours and hardwood gives you the option to stick to the basics or to be creative and create a unique project, mixing various effects, styles, colours and patterns. You can play around with the solid wood material, because its simple and elegant nature allows different decoration choices and works as a perfect background for any piece of furniture, highlighting bold and eccentric pieces of art and decorations or being the focal point of the room by itself. A little further, hardwood itself can create a lot more for the bedroom. Light-pigmented wood species makes space appear wider and spaciously and it is perfect option for small rooms. Darker pigmented wood species, on the other hand, creates the feel of luxury, cosiness, warmth and richness.

Finally, hardwood floors are really easy to clean and maintain. Because the bedroom doesn’t suffer a lot of high traffic daily, sanding and sealing services will be needed hardly ever and by following a simple cleaning system, recommended by the experts from Floor Fitting Experts, you will enjoy the finish for longer. And since hardwood is a completely natural material, it is an eco-friendly option and has its benefits for the health, because of the lack of powerful chemicals, used for the industrial flooring products.

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