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Solid Wood Floor Fitting in London

Solid wood floor fitting in London | Floor Fitting Experts

Solid wood is a great story-teller. Painted by nature, chocolates, goldens and shades of cherries remain the time, when the tree has been a witness of the forest fairies dance at dawn, tinted in the rich colours of the most beautiful sunrises. Wormholes and stains carry the genuine ambience of the forest in the city houses, which can be fitted in your house with a solid wood floor. Traces of the woodland life mix with the marks of our everyday life in perfect harmony to create a unique solid wood flooring, which can be a focal point of every house. Solid wood flooring increases the value of every premise and adds a lot of character to every room. With a great selection of material, styles and genuine designs, you can get the desired interior by simply purchasing solid wood floor fitting. The mahogany luxury, the dark cherry enigma, the cosy oak or the simple maple – all of these species can bring the initial and organic old world charm in your London house or office, fitted by Floor Fitting Experts they have long life and beauty guarantee. Solid wood flooring is a very sturdy, strong, and durable type of flooring.

No matter if you dream of Versailles ballroom feels, Tuscan rustic ambience or the exotic vibe of rare wood species, choosing the solid wood flooring is a thing of personal choice and project budget. We can provide the perfect solid wood floor fitting service in London, transforming even the ordinary wood timbers into million dollars flooring and most important – promise you long and durable life for the wood and its finish. Our wood floor fitting team provides expert prior consultation in order to settle on the best solid wood floor fitting strategy and the proper preparation before every project. This includes cleaning the subfloor, checking the moisture level of the concrete, removing doors and trims and acclimatising the hardwood timbers to their new environment.

Solid wood floor fitting in particular hardwood installations are good on any level of the building, providing the flexibility most of the wood floor products don’t have due to humidity and exposure on the aggressive environment, sun damage and high traffic. Solid wood flooring can easily fit into any space, no matter if commercial or domestic. However, at the beginning of solid wood floor fitting pattern, levelling the concrete before installation is essential for best results. Solid wood timbers are laid directly on the subfloor, glued, nailed or stapled. That makes the condition of the concrete underneath essential for the whole process of solid wood floor fitting and the best results you can enjoy in case the subfloor is even, dry and completely clean. In fact, running pipes and other imperfection can cause the failure of the whole solid wood floor fitting project. We will choose the best option for your project, solid wood floor fitting suggesting insolation underlayment for tricky subfloors, in order to ensure the perfect outcome and even get rid of the squeaky sound, which can pop out with time.

To mitigate the effects of moisture on solid wood floor fitting especially with London’s humidity, underlayment is recommended, because it works like a moisture barrier. Solid wood floor fitting is considered more sensitive to moisture and temperature levels. Our professionals know their job perfectly and leave structural gaps during solid wood floor fitting in order to allow the “movement” of the wood in future. The method prevents the wood from cracking and lose nails and screws, adding extra years to the life-cycle of your installation. However, in order to minimise the risk as much as possible, solid wood floor fitting is not recommended for installation where leaks or very high indoor moisture levels could be a potential issue.

You can always count on us for London solid wood floor fitting because we provide professional performance on affordable prices and we have many years of experience and knowledge. Contact our customer service on 020 70360624!

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