Laminate gained a lot of popularity and fans around the London area for the last decades and we can see why. Laminate is a manufactured product, made from synthetic layers fused together with a lamination process, with a top photographic layer under a protective clear gloss layer. That means laminate has the best from both worlds – it is a quality product, it imitates successfully the beauty and elegance of the most wood species used for making a hardwood planks and the durability and sturdiness of the engineered wood material. On top of that, laminate flooring is really easy to install, clean and it is low-maintenance. It has installation flexibility, which means you can lay it even in bathrooms and basements. And the best part is that laminate is pretty affordable product, less expensive than solid wood. These are some of the reasons for the increasing interest in laminate floor fitting from our London domestic and commercial clients.

Since laminate floor fitting is so popular, we provide this step-by-step installation guide and expert advice in order to bring a little bit more orientation if you are planning remodeling:

  • Laminate product is a great choice because it is super sturdy and will last you for longer. In addition, it is low-maintenance and scratch resistant. However, laminate can’t be sanded and sealed and the options for restoration service are pretty limited. Restoring damaged spots of the floor is pretty much impossible because of the specifics of the installation system.
  • Laminate is surprisingly easy to be laid. Because it is fitted floating, the laminate is a good option for the damp and uneven subfloor, or over pipes and cables. The product is moisture-resistant and a good alternative for basements, bathrooms and for rooms, in general, suffering London’s humidity. In addition, the laminate is scratch-resistant and perfect for a commercial building, where the floors experience high traffic.
  • Laminate comes in numerous styles and dimensions, so Floor Fitting Experts is glad to be your guide while starting a project, suggesting the best options depending on your desires and needs.
  • Our experts provide also great preparation service, discussed on prior free consultation. Although laminate is an unpretentious type of flooring, for best results we provide preparing the subfloor, including moisture check, levelling and cleaning, which is a guarantee for best results. Our technicians can also suggest some underlayment options, where underlay will work like a moisture barrier, insulation and soundproof barrier.
  • Laminate fitting consists of tongue-and-groove clicking system and the planks can be glued or clicked together. That makes laminate really easy to be fitted and our service is completely timely, effective and affordable.
  • Laminate floor fitting is a good DIY project, however hiring experts may be needed in certain situations. Our floor fitters are happy to help you for more challenging project and angles, laying the floor around trims and doors and cutting around pipes.

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