Do you wonder why exactly wood is so popular choice of flooring for already centuries? Why it is preferred not only by domestic clients but gain more and more popularity among the commercial planners nowadays? We can see why everyone loves wood so much. The answer is simple, wood is a natural material, which has the flexibility to satisfy all the claim you may have to floor material.

That means, wood is beautiful and looks classy and elegant, whether the interior or exterior design may be and also works as a simple background for any decoration of choice. Being a focal point if this is the meaning of your style, or discreetly reminding its presence, if you want to showcase other things. But most importantly, wood is sturdy and if cared properly, wood installations last for decades, without requiring a laborious maintenance and cleaning. The same goes with the products, which imitates wood like laminate and partly engineered wood, although the last one is made with a real wood top layer.

The promise for long time of loyal service, wood turns to be a good investment for commercial building projects, where the floors suffer a significantly more high traffic and everyday use – the worst enemies of the floor and its finish. Thinking further, school buildings are probably one of the most bustling spots around, suffering the hyperactivity only young people and children can have. And wood seems to be the best option when planning a school floor fitting project in London!

If so, we at Floor Fitting Experts are glad to offer you our helping hand. You know that experience, hard work, dedication and talent are the best formula for success and guarantees best results at everything and, we can provide all of the above mentioned. Many years in the flooring branch gives us the confidence of being one of the pioneers on the London market, leaving our fame to work for us. Well, this is not the case, because we are motivated to improve our school floor fitting service daily and explore advanced and innovative methodologies in order to create the best installations available in London.

Here is a lot more about the actual school floor fitting praxis. Keeping in mind the budget a school can sort, the limited time between the school days and holidays and the high standards a building, housing young people can demand, our experts provide prior professional discussion and inspection in order to suggest you the best battle plan and also provide the ultimate best deals buying guide in the town. When you, together with our technicians, settle on the most proper strategy for your scenario, our staff is ready to start the actual part of the floor fitting job.

Removing the old and worn flooring, if it comes to remodeling project and preparing the subfloor is the first step, which leads the final excellent results. Once we are sure the base concrete or plywood is dry, levelled and clean and all the pipes and cables are completely secured, we can start with the actual installation of the already acclimatised material to its new environment. The main thing you can expect from us is timely and effective performance, according to the high safety standards. However, contact our customer service on 020 88309783 for all the additional information you may need.